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auspicious wellness podcasthelp with breaking up

The Breakup (How To Get Through It

New Release Part 2 of 2 The Break-up, See this episode in it's entirety from the Auspicious Wellness TV Show #RokuTV #AmazonTv #Apple Tv and coming soon #androidtv or Listen in to the entire sho...

breaking uphow to navigate breaking up personal development

The Break-Up Part 1 of 2

When Breaking Up Love can be very confusing to understand at the time you are making a decision is the relationship over or should I stay  consciously and sub-consciously.

auspicious wellness podcastauspicious wellness optimal wellness happy new year 2023

Happy New Year 2023 From Auspicious Wellness Are You Ready For Your Wellness Journey

Happy New Year and It's time for your to step into your wellness.  I am here to help you create wellness as an intentional mindful process for you by teaching the practice of mindfulness.  Mind Bod...

It Works Fast and Really Helped Me

Lance Givens

My Skin Is Glowing

Brenda G

It seriously worked for my dog when we took a road trip


A whole lot of relief when I walk

Antonio Jose

Retired Air force Veteran my wife and I both use this and it works for us both.

Hassan Shakir

I am a Navy Vet and I am so glad to have this product I am calm

Eva Hamilton

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