Auspicious Wellness Liquid Gel Hand Sanitizer 72% Ethanol Kills 99.99% Of Germs 1 8oz bottle

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Hand Sanitizer Formulation has Ethanol Alcohol 73% Topical Solution Kills 99.99% Of Germs.  Professionally blended in OTC Facility

Our Hand Sanitizer has been Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility, which is a  GMP Certified Facility.  Wholesale Available for Larger Quantities In Volume.  Great for business purchases.  Our formulation is a Liquid Gel Blend that last longer, killing 99.99s% of germs 

Professionally Manufactured Hand Sanitizer Wholesale Available for Larger Quantities In Volume 

(Also Sold In Quantities of 5 Pack -8oz Bottles Per Order buy 4 get one free ) click here 

SDS - Safety Data Sheet 


Size: 8oz bottle