Life Coaching 8 Week Course Unexpected Change How To Cope

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Welcome To The Auspicious Wellness Unexpected Change Virtual Coaching Program.

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The Auspicious Wellness 8-week virtual course is designed to help clients to improve relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Our purpose is to help you identify and clarify your goals.  Further helping you identifying obstacles holding you back, and subsequently, coming up with life strategies to overcoming these obstacles

Are you in need of change with no sense of direction to achieve this?  We have all been here in our lives with no understanding or perception of what the next.  What path to take or even why your on the path your own.  Well, it may be time for the discovery of a deeper meaning of self.  If you are here reading you are ready for change.  What defining steps does it take for your breakthrough?   Believe it or not, all the answers lie within you. and it always has.

Our Coaching Platform is virtual with visual 8-week training programs featuring your host Debbie Smith Torrence.  Work Sheets, Planners to help you with your breakthrough and new discoveries of self.  

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