Career , Success, Life and Health Coaching Combined And The Real Stories Behind It and How We Got Here

Career , Success, Life and Health Coaching Combined And The Real Stories Behind It and How We Got Here
The journey of achieving success in your career leading to a pathway of success is not always easily done. When we hear about success stories there is always a story behind everyone’s walk of life (How they got there.) Todays episode is a very poignant conversation between to women Tracey Edmonds a Career and Success Coach and your host Debra Smith Torrence a Health and Life Coach. Two women sharing their stories, their defining moments which they were able to build on, Both women only children with the courage of lion. Both carving out a path to never return to a life in which they had no control over, but just the sheer will to never return to this type of season in their lives. Not accepting social economic disparities, seeking inclusion in quality and the luxury of existence. Both women seeking economic and social equality.
Two women, who started out on vastly different paths in life but both surviving the tide of life and starting their own successful coaching businesses. Helping others to reach their potential in modern societies in progresses to discover and remove the stagnation and regressions in individuals lives who are seeking success in life, relationships & careers
Co- Host: Tracy J. Edmonds pursued her Wild Hair. After almost two decades, she gave
up a comfortable career and senior leadership role at Anthem, a Fortune 500
company, to take a position in the organization that was more “authentically
her.” That move eventually helped Tracy J. climb to the top of her career
ladder, eventually becoming a top-tier executive and the company’s Chief
Diversity Officer.
Along the way, Tracy J. earned an MBA, raised a family & coached other
women, sharing her stories of embracing authenticity to set the foundation for
a successful career. Today, Tracy J. is an author, business owner of TJE
Coaching & Consulting, helping women and business executives build
authentic careers, teams, and organizations.
Learn more about Tracy J. at
As an Author she has a newly released book called wild hair.
Book Insert: Do you head to work every day feeling as if you’re living a lie, in fear of
raising your authentic voice because you worry about how others will
perceive you? If you’re stifling your hopes and dreams in your career—and
feel yourself shrinking—you may be ready to embrace your Wild Hair!
Your Host: Life and Health Coach Debbie Smith Torrence is president of Auspicious Wellness. Her passion for plant-based medicines, natural wellness & optimal wellness with the use of botanicals & the study of epigenetics was a pathway to a natural progression to the holistic side of the CBD Industry. Debbie is responsible for branding, product development, marketing, and artificial intelligence of the brand Auspicious Wellness. She is the driving force behind bringing to market a CBD Pet Line, CBD Spa Line, CBD Wellness Line, CBD Anti – Aging Skin Care Line, and A CBD Hair-Care Line. Auspicious Wellness Product Formulations are produced in FDA Certified Facilities. She was instrumental in the Auspicious Wellness being trademarked and bringing a 2nd vertical line to market which is trademarked as Chiro-CBD-Docs TM in developmental stages. Her insistence on all products being vigorously tested for potency & purity which has led to trust in the brand has been instrumental in the growth process.
Further developing an e-learning system in health and wellness along with the podcasting platform you are listening too.
Additionally developing, a PPE Division in Contracting and Environmental Testing Laboratory services & moving into procurement
services on a governmental level as a government contractor.
This podcast is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Debbie Smith-Torrence

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