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Debbie_Smith _Torrence

Debra Smith Torrence Founder and CEO of Auspicious Wellness started her journey in wellness after spending time in the ICU several times with an autoimmune disease, her adventure began with natural wellness nutrients for immune support.

After researching she stumbled upon the science of epigenetics and began the process as part of her health regimen with natural wellness products  and working with her specialist an endocrinologist. Between her treatment with her endocrinologist and here wellness regimen lead to the Remission of Graves’ Disease.

Exploring deeper into the science she started her two-year journey to become an accredited life and health coach to understand plant-based nutrition of flavonoids to support immune health, plant based wellness, and natural wellness which lead her to the science of cannabinoid molecules.  

This lead Debbie Smith down the road to product formulation and professional distribution business model in CBD products.

Debbie has been invited by the Georgia Black Legislative caucus to panel and teach the caucus about CBD, to bring knowledge legislatively leading to helping the caucus understand the benefits of CBD holistically, leading to the holistic regulation of CBD in Georgia.

Moving forward she was invited by the Georgia Fulton County Magistrate Judge to a panel to teach sitting judges the science of double-blind placebos in CBD and the positive effects of Drug-induced cravings based on research and research from the national library of medicine.

Her tireless work has led to her becoming a certified vendor with the State of Indiana in Cannabinoid Distribution as a M/WBE and with the City of Indianapolis, City of Louisville, and now the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and last but not least The United States Government.

Debbie's Passion for natural wellness has grown, as of today she has launched the Auspicious Wellness TV Channel seen on Roku Tv, Amazon Tv and Apple TV, along with the Auspicious Wellness Podcast. The Podcast has now reached international audiences all over the world. In 2024 The Launch of her natural wellness weight line for natural weight management with Water Soluble Vitamins, and Water Soluble Amino Acids along with her CBD Line