Auspicious Wellness Anti -Aging Skincare Line

Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Serum with CBD

  • Collagen, Vitamin C, and Hemp Oil Brightens Skin and Helps diminish fine lines. Leaves skin more vibrant glowing and nourished.
  •  Helps with uneven skin tone. Improves Signs of Aging. Helps Combat Dry Skin.
  • Best Serum For Glowing Skin. This anti-aging CBD skin Care Serum is a great skin conditioner. 
  • Plant-Based Collagen.
  • 300mg CBD

Stem Cell Moisturizer With CBD
Rejuvenating CBD Swiss Apple

Stem Cell Facial Moisturizer, Helps diminish fine line helps replaces lost and damaged cells with new, healthy cells. Replenishes the skin with collagen and elastin, repairing and preventing it from aging. Leaves skin glowing.

  • Promotes the longevity of skin cells
  • Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps Smooth Skin 
  • Helps Create A Dewy Skin Glow 
  • 100MG CBD 
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  • Pineapple Gummies (Energy & Focus Gummies)
  • Blue Berry Gummies (Relaxation & Sleep)
  • Immune Support
  • Natural Wellness
  • Helps Diminish Stress
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Natural Wellness

CBD Tinctures

Explore our range of CBD tinctures, available in 1500mg and 3500mg variants infused with hemp seed oil.

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Our Flag Ship Product Intensive CBD Freeze Relief Cream 2000mg

One of our most popular items.
Intensive CBD Freeze Relief Cream contains soothing menthol and utilizes Cryotherapy (cold therapy) for quick rapid penetration and relief.
Reduces discomfort
Fast Acting
Aids in discomfort relief
Reduces Tension
Eases Stiffness 
Rapid Relief Cream 

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Fast Acting Relief Intensive CBD Freeze Relief Cream 2000mg

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CBD Salmon Cat Tincture 250mg

Discover our Collection for Your Beloved Pets

CBD Peanut Butter Dog Tincture 500mg

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LaSheena Dysart

"Best So Far"

This is the only cream that moisturizes my dry dull skin"

Lance Givens

It Really Helped Me!

It Works Fast and Really Helped Me

anti aging skincare

Brenda G

Love My Skin

My Skin Is Glowing


3rd Party Lab Testing For Purity and Potency


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