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Podcast Episode (Get Out Of The Box Transformational 3 Part Series) Detox Your Mind Part 1

Podcast Episode (Get Out Of The Box Transformational 3 Part Series) Detox Your Mind Part 1



Listen In to Life and Health Coach Debbie Smith Torrence.


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Get Out Of The Box Transformational 3 Part Series) Detox Your Mind Part 1

Detoxing your mind and implementing Intentional living is a process.   

 Everyone want to detox their bodies but what about the thought of detoxing your mind to support the mentalism needed for success in living a more productive and healthier life to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul and spirit.  Everything that encompasses you.  Total transformation with habit change and mindset.

 So your invited to this amazing and powerful 3 part series I have created on the Auspicious Wellness Platform.   (Total Wellness)

This is a 3 Part Series 

Part one Detoxing you Mind (This Week) 

Part Two Detoxing your Body  (The Following Podcast)

Part Three Detoxing you soul and Spirit (The Following Podcast)


When you bring all three essential living tools  together you are living in your truth, you are intentional about your process of success in all areas of your life.


There are steps are intentional steps you should take to be successfully in the total mind body spirit and soul detox


You have big doors you are going to knock in life if the door does not open regroup find another spot to knock on the big doors in life, but each time knock a little harder. You are not a victim you are a survivor and you are winning because.  So let’s look at intentional steps to success. 

So Let's Dig In!!

Disclaimer:  The podcast is not intended to diagnose, treat or claim a cure.  If you are in need of medical condition please contract your medical provider.

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  Debbie Smith-Torrence

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