The Best Podcast on Ayurvedic Medicine

The Best Podcast on Ayurvedic Medicine

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Listen: Into Health Coach Debra Smith Torrence and her Co-host Health Coach Sharon Niemi as they provide more understanding into the world of Ayurvedic Medicine.

 Ayurveda Medicine. Is a lifestyle of being intentional mindfulness lifestyle  system which originated in India and is today practiced worldwide. 

My Co-Host Sharon Niemi who is an expert in Ayurvedic Medicine has been a Practitioner and Health Coach for over 15 years. Her private practice, Your Way Wellness,

specializes in permanent solutions to weight, aging,

and other women's health concerns by fixing the root


The Ayurvedic lifestyle practices include massage, medication, yoga, and nutrition and last but not least herbal medicine 

 Ayurvedic medicine is holistic practice of viewing the body and mind as one. This methodology is the practice and belief that every person is made of 5 basic elements in the universe which are space, fire, water, earth and air.

 These elements combine in the human body to form the doshas. Which are three life force or energies which are referred to as dosha 

·       Vata Dosha – Space and Air

·       Pitta Dosha – Fire and Water

·       Kapha – Water and Earth

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