The Successful Women Takes Care Of Self ( Nutrition) + (Stress) + (Self-Love) 3 Part Series Coaching with Debra Smith Torrence and Amber Jenson




In Today's Episode coached by Life and Health coaches Debra Smith Torrence and Amber Jenson is centered around successful women.

Most successful women are so busy chasing success they remove the most important ingredient of success, which is to self-love, self-caring, and learning more about self continually evolving. 
 Most importantly sometimes when we become successful we lose more and more of ourselves and gaining back very little in return.  It's ok to build the brand and build the business but what have you done to sustain yourself.   Are you building with the essential building blocks of nutrition?  What are you doing to alleviate stress?   As a woman, we endeavor to have it all which includes love.  You want to be loved, which we all do, but you have not learned self-love is most important.  If you don't know how to love yourself with selflessness it's time to learn executing the methodology and practice of obtaining and demonstrating true love, balanced with giving.  How can you expect to receive love and understand how to accept love in the deepest level of your being if you don't understand the fundamentals of love.  Tune in as we bring forward the fundamentals of these 3 dynamics in a three-part series.  For our men this a great opportunity to understand how a women's mind works.  Communication is key.   This is the critical snapshot you need to understand your mate with a deeper meaning.  For our couples, get a glass of wine, burn a candle, sit back and listen and smile at each other.  This will eliminate a lot of arguments.  Enough said.  Click the link below to listen.

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