5 Pack Auspicious Wellness Liquid Gel Hand Sanitizer 72% Ethanol Kills 99.99% Of Germs (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)

SKU: 753068546997


Auspicious Wellness Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Gel moisturizing will not dry hands out.  Very little needed on hands.  Formulated for dispensers.  The emulsified formulation not watery lasts much longer than the water-based formulations.

Hand Sanitizer Formulation has Ethanol Alcohol 73% Topical Solution Kills 99.99% Of Germs.  Professionally blended in OTC Facility

Our Hand Sanitizer has been Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility, which is a  GMP Certified Facility.  Wholesale Available for Larger Quantities In Volume.  Great for business purchases.  Our formulation is a Liquid Gel Blend that last longer, killing 99.99s% of germs 

Hand Sanitizer professionally formulated, available for bulk orders in volume discounts

(Sold In Quantities of 5 Pack -8oz Bottles Per Order)

SDS - Safety Data Sheet 

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