Hurt People Hurt People ( Bitter Human or Better Human

Hurt People Hurt People ( Bitter Human or Better Human



This Episode Hurt People Hurt People.  Why? 

Going inward first If I, you they or whoever, is hurting people do you have accountability to- self.  Before we look outward to others and in an accusatory way.  Do you hide your negative actions behind other’s actions? We call it throwing the ball and hiding your hand.  We must accountability before we have an unconscious unraveling,

Listen into this episode as we go deeper and also help others to recognize why hurt people hurt people and help hurt people to look at doing the work to be better,  If you know better you do better.  Listen the framework is laid out in this episode.

This season we have a Q&A Segment and where we are more interactive with our listening audience.  Leave questions on Auspicious Wellness Facebook Page and we will pick  questions feature and answer.  If the question is deep enough we may dedicate a whole episode around the listeners question.

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