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Podcast The Other of Fear

Podcast The Other of Fear

Listen In:  Certified Life and Health Coach Debra Smith Torrence your host of the Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast is here for another episode centered around health coaching


Listen in Here Auspicious Wellness Podcast (The Other Side Of Fear) 

Taking a chance on you, confronting your fear of not succeeding and taking a chance on you.  You are the needle mover; you are the sure bet of who you are. You are the winner of your life, take control of it.  You are the ultimate decision maker of your life.  Tell yourself I am the deal, and I am going in and getting it done with self-discipline and self-belief in me.  If you fall down, get back up and try it a different way and on different day. Regroup and get back out there. 

Disclaimer:  The podcast is not intended to diagnose, treat, or claim a cure.  If you need medical condition, please contact your medical provider.

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