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Put It On Me!! The Spirit and Soul Detox Part 5 of the 5 Part Series

Put It On Me!! The Spirit and Soul Detox Part 5 of the 5 Part Series

Listen In:  Becoming in Tune with your spirit and soul.   


Put It On Me!! The Spirit and Soul Detox Part 5 of the 5 Part Series Click and Listen 

Today’s Podcast is the last of our 5-part series.  Detoxification Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.   This is my favorite of all 5 The remedy to detox your spirit and soul.  How do we do that?

 Like everything else mental and spiritual nourishment 

With the synergy of soul and spirit you will become much more confident and stronger each day.  

Listen in and learn the technique for achieving synergy spiritually with one's spirit and soul. 


 You will master the task of becoming the architect of your life. And not only that you are designing your structure and foundation of personal wellbeing in life, and you will choose the content, the shape and the form of what you want out of life because you mentally strong and you will becoming stronger everyday in life skills.  


You will then start the process of a beautiful soul because no one can shake your belief system in yourself.  What you have built up, what you have worked on becoming who you are in the depths of your soul.   I told you God woke me up to come to the mic and pour into the audience today wherever you are in the world.  


You love yourself and not only do you love yourself, but you also feel good about who you are and what you are doing in your life and feel good about yourself, 


because your body is your temple and we must keep it as clean, protected and nourished as possible.   


By learning the value of this you will automatically have love, patience and understanding for others as you travel on your journey in life. 


 Your inner beauty will shine outside of you.  The ultimate of unconditional love for others and yourself.

Disclaimer:  The podcast is not intended to diagnose, treat, or claim a cure.  If you need medical condition, please contact your medical provider.

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