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The Breakup (How To Get Through It

New Release Part 2 of 2 The Break-up, See this episode in it's entirety from the Auspicious Wellness TV Show #RokuTV #AmazonTv #Apple Tv and coming soon #androidtv or Listen in to the entire sho...

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The Break-Up Part 1 of 2

When Breaking Up Love can be very confusing to understand at the time you are making a decision is the relationship over or should I stay  consciously and sub-consciously.

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Happy New Year 2023 From Auspicious Wellness Are You Ready For Your Wellness Journey

Happy New Year and It's time for your to step into your wellness.  I am here to help you create wellness as an intentional mindful process for you by teaching the practice of mindfulness.  Mind Bod...

The Best Podcast on Ayurvedic Medicine

The Best Podcast on Ayurvedic Medicine

Listen in This Free Podcast is an Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine. Listen & Learn  Listen: Into Health Coach Debra Smith Torrence and her Co-host Health Coach Sharon Niemi as they provide mo...

podcastThe 7 Top Essential Health Habits (Small Habits But Essential Habits For Wellness)

The 7 Top Essential Health Habits (Small Habits But Essential Habits For Wellness)

Listen In: Free Health &  Wellness Podcast   Debbie Smith Torrence and Dave Sherwin both health coaches in Wellness and Nutrition are here today cohosting bringing you wellness on a platter.   ...

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Podcast The Other of Fear

Take a chance on you, confronting your fear of not succeeding and taking a chance on you.  You are the needle mover; you are the sure bet of who you are. You are the winner of your life, take contr...